Southern Wesleyan University Pets On Campus Policy


Southern Wesleyan University strives to maintain a safe and welcoming campus for all faculty, staff, students and visitors.  While it is recognized that pets may provide comfort to many individuals, the risks of behavioral unpredictability, health concerns, and disruption require the restriction of pets on campus.  The following policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and visitors.


Policy Statement

Pets are prohibited from all University buildings, outdoor athletic venues, the amphitheater, and at all official University events, work spaces, and classes, both indoors and outdoors.  For the full official policy click here.


  1. All pets on University property:
    1. Must be properly licensed with proof of vaccinations as required by state and/or local law
    2. Must remain under the control of the owner/handler at all times by either:
      1. Restraint in cage, kennel, pet carrier or attended motor vehicle
      2. Use of collar and leash (no longer than 8 feet) for dogs being walked
    3. Must not act in an aggressive manner, nor cause any damage, disturbance or disruption to campus operations
    4. Must not be left unattended at any time, nor secured to any stationary object
    5. Any waste materials must be picked up and properly disposed of
  2. A pet must be removed from university property immediately, upon official request by a University official, if it is determined that any of the above provisions have been violated
  3. The follow are exempt from the pet policy:
    1. Aquarium fish limited to a ten gallen tank or less.  This includes student residence halls and faculty and staff offices, subject to the approval and oversight of Residence Life or department supervisors
    2. Service animals and emotional support animals are not considered pets and are subject to the guidelines and regulations set forth in the Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals policy
    3. Animals that are part of an officially sanctioned University event, class, research or other educational activity


More information on service animals