Lions Best Warriors

Photo by John Bolton Photography

Central, SC – Southern Wesleyan lost against the Mars Hill Lions on Monday evening in a 72-52 final score.

Southern Wesleyan shot 42% in the field.  Justice McCullough, Jalen Lowery and DJ Dobson all had ten points in the loss to the Lions.  Dobson went on to lead the team with four assists.  Jalen Lowery had two of the three steals of the evening.  Southern Wesleyan had 31 rebounds, with Justice McCullough leading the team with 14.  Jeremy Wert had the lone block for the Warriors.


Game Vitals

Final: Mars Hill 72, Southern Wesleyan 52

Records: Southern Wesleyan (2-23 / CC 1-14), Mars Hill (3-20)


How It Happened

Southern Wesleyan struck first in the debate versus Mars Hill on a three point jump shot by Jacob Smith.  The Lions countered with a shot by Vernon Jackson to come to 2-3 behind Southern Wesleyan.  Mars Hill tied the game and then took the lead on a three point shot by Luke Van-Rijn.  Shots by Jalen Lowery, Justice McCullough and DJ Dobson put Southern Wesleyan up 11-10.  A free throw by Dobson allowed the Warriors to take a 14-10 point advantage over the Lions.  Mars Hill threatened with a layup attempt by Brandon Reeves, but Jeremy Wert blocked it to keep the Lions from taking the lead.  A breakaway layup by Zalan Richards allowed the Warriors to take 21-16 point advantage.  Mars Hill pushed ahead to cut Southern Wesleyan's lead to 21-20.  Jacob Smith sunk a three point jump shot to put Southern Wesleyan on top 24-22.  With just over five minutes left to play, the Lions took at 30-25 point lead on a three point shot by Justen Hartfield.  Smith made back-to-back free throws to keep the Warriors to within seven of the Lions and bring the score to 27-34.  A breakaway pass from DJ Dobson to NaJarius Green allowed Green to make a layup to bring the score to 29-36.  With under a minute to play, Mars Hill pulled ahead to take a 40-29 point lead over Southern Wesleyan.  At the half, the Warriors were down 42-29.

The Warriors jumped out in the second half with a layup by Jeremy Wert to make the score 31-42.  The Lions countered with a layup by Vernon Jackson to push their lead to 44-31.  Justice McCullough made a jump shot to put the Warriors down 35-46.  DJ Dobson took a pass from Jacob Smith and passed it under the rim to Jeremy Wert and Wert dunked it in the put the Warriors down 39-51.  Jalen Lowery broke away from the pack and made a layup to put the Warriors within eight of the Lions.  However, Mars Hill regained a ten point advantage on a layup by Nassyr Daniel.  Mars Hill pushed their lead to 59-48 on a three point shot by Cody Hylton.  DJ Dobson made a layup to put the Warriors down 50-66.  Mars Hill would win the game 72-52.


What's Next

Southern Wesleyan will next travel to Emmanuel on February 17 to take on the Lions at 4 p.m.  They will remain on the road on February 20 to take on the Erskine College Flying Fleet at 7:30 p.m.