Warriors Break Out Early, But Cannot Pull Out Victory

Photo by John Bolton Photography
Photo by John Bolton Photography

Tampa, Fla – Southern Wesleyan fell to the University of Tampa Spartans in an 82-65 final on Monday afternoon.

The Warriors shot 43.1% in field goal percentage.  Tatiyana Mahone, Noelle Van Zadelhoff and Aneysa Williams led the team with 11 points each in the loss.  Jessica Sparks closely followed them with 10 points.  Southern Wesleyan posted 23 rebounds, with Van Zadelhoff leading the team with six.  Four Warriors posted assists, and Mahone led the team with three steals.


Game Vitals

Final: Tampa 82, Southern Wesleyan 65

Records: Southern Wesleyan (1-7), Tampa (9-2)


Coach Davis says…

"I was really pleased with our effort today against a quality opponent in Tampa.  Offensive rebounding hurt us in the first half, but third quarter was the separation.  Our team responded well in the fourth quarter.  We hope to build on today."


How It Happened

The Spartans jumped out early on a 2-0, but the Warriors countered on a three point shot by Aneysa Williams to put the Warriors up 3-2.  Southern Wesleyan pushed on with shots by Noelle Van Zadelhoff and Breanna Richardson to give the Warriors a 7-4 lead.  They maintained control with jump shots by Tatiyana Mahone and Kaitlyn Smart to put the Warriors up 13-10.  However, the Spartans countered with a layup by Sanders to come to 13-12 behind Southern Wesleyan.  The Warriors countered with a three pointer by Mahone and Denisha Hall to take a 19-15 lead.

Tampa led off the second half with a shot by Sanders, but a jump shot by Breanna Richardson allowed the Warriors to tie the game 23-23.  The Spartans countered to take a 25-23 lead, but Noelle Van Zadelhoff made a layup to keep the game tied.  Abney made a layup to give the Spartans a 29-25 point lead over Southern Wesleyan.  A free throw by Denisha Hall and a driving layup by Tatiyana Mahone allowed the Warriors to come to 28-29 behind the Spartans.  Southern Wesleyan kept within the one of the Spartans with a layup by Jessica Sparks.  Tampa pulled ahead on a layup by Kotey taking a 33-30 point lead.  A jump shot by Kasey Howard put the Warriors down 32-35, but a free throw by Warden allowed the Spartans to take a 36-32 lead at the half.

The Spartans jumped out in the second half on a layup by Kotey to push Tampa's lead to 38-32.  Tampa took an 11 point lead on a three point shot by Warden.  Two and a half minutes into the third quarter, Noelle Van Zadelhoff sunk a layup to put the Warriors down 34-43.  The Spartans regained a 10 point lead on a layup by Sanders, but a foul by Sanders seconds later allowed Denisha Hall to take free throws, making both to put the Warriors down 37-45.  Aneysa Williams stopped a scoring run by the Spartans and sunk a layup to put the Warriors down 39-58.  Back-to-back made free throws by Aneysa Williams allowed the Warriors to shorten the lead to 41-65.

Southern Wesleyan jumped out first in the fourth quarter on a layup by Tatiyana Mahone to bring the score 43-67.  Noelle Van Zadelhoff took a pass from Aneysa Williams and put it up for a layup to put the Warriors down 45-69 to the Spartans.  A three point jump shot by Jessica Sparks allowed the Warriors to shorten the distance, however a three point shot by Dempsey allowed Tampa to keep their lead.  Free throws by Aneysa Williams and Breanna Richardson, and a jumper by Jessica Sparks put Southern Wesleyan down 54-78.  Sparks sunk a three pointer and a layup by Kaitlyn Smart allowed the Warriors to shorten the lead to 17 points and make the score 63-80.  Tampa won the game in an 82-65 final.


What's Next

Southern Wesleyan will remain in Tampa, Florida on December 19 as they take on the Florida Tech Panthers at 12 p.m.