Panthers Best Warriors

Photo by John Bolton Photography
Photo by John Bolton Photography

Tampa, Fla. – Southern Wesleyan fell to the Florida Tech Panthers in an 87-51 final on Tuesday afternoon.

The Warriors shot a field goal and three point percentage of 33.3% in the loss to the Panthers.  Jessica Sparks led the team with 14 points.  Sparks was followed by Tatiyana Mahone with 11 points in the loss.  Mahone and Kasey Howard led the team in rebounds, posting six rebounds apiece.  Breanna Richardson and Mahone each posted two assists, and four Warriors had two steals to their name in the loss.  Mahone also boasted the lone block for the Warriors.


Game Vitals

Final: Florida Tech 87, Southern Wesleyan 51

Records: Southern Wesleyan (1-8), Florida Tech (5-5)


How It Happened

Florida Tech started the game with a jump shot by Ebb to take a 2-0 lead, however a layup by Tatiyana Mahone allowed the Warriors to tie the game 2-2.  The Panthers pushed ahead on shots by Sedlakova and Juliosdottir to take a 7-4 lead.  A jump shot by Denisha Hall and layup by Mahone allowed to Warriors to shorten the gap to 14-10.  Florida Tech pushed back taking a 20-10 point lead with just seconds left in the first quarter.

The Panthers jumped out early in the second quarter, but the Warriors countered on layups by Tatiyana Mahone and Kasey Howard to come to 14-22 behind Florida Tech.  However, Florida Tech maintained control with shots by Williams and Sedlakova to give them a 27-14 point advantage.  Breanna Richardson took a pass from Mahone and drove the ball up for a layup, but the Panthers fouled her to force her to the free throw line.  Richardson made the first one to put the Warriors down 15-29 before the Panthers recovered the ball.  Southern Wesleyan pushed forward with a three point shot by Jessica Sparks to cut the Panthers lead to 34-22.  The Warriors would not be dampened by the Panthers, putting up shots by Sparks and Denisha Hall to be down 31-44 at the half.

Southern Wesleyan kicked off the second half with a three point shot by Jessica Sparks to put the Warriors down 10 points and make the score 34-44.  Free throws by Aneysa Williams and a three point shot by Tatiyana Mahone allowed the Warriors to come to 39-51 behind the Panthers.  Florida Tech pushed onward, scoring on a three pointer by Doane and layup by Sedlakova to take a 64-39 point lead.  Free throw shots by Denisha Hall and Shawndre' Young put the Warriors down 44-72 behind the Panthers.

Florida Tech took a 76-44 point lead over Southern Wesleyan on a layup by Richardson.  The Warriors fought back with a layup by Noelle Van Zadelhoff and a three point shot by Jessica Sparks to cut the Panthers lead to 78-49.  Van Zadelhoff made back-to-back free throw shots to make the score 51-87.


What's Next

Southern Wesleyan will enter a Christmas break period.  They will return on January 2 to resume Conference Carolinas action as they take on the King Tornado at 5:30 p.m.