Warriors Surge Past Crusaders In Overtime

Photo by Robert Gawrys
Photo by Robert Gawrys

Tigerville, SC – Southern Wesleyan defeated the North Greenville Crusaders in overtime in an 84-77 final on Wednesday evening.

Four Warriors boasted over 10 points scored in the third conference victory of the season.  Jessica Sparks led the team with 22 points while going 8-16 in field goals and 4-4 at the free throw line.  Sparks was followed by Tatiyana Mahone with 19 points, Aneysa Williams with 16 and Breanna Richardson with 10.  Williams went 14-14 at the free throw line in the overtime win for the Warriors.   Aneysa Williams went on to lead the team with three of the 10 assists of the evening.

Southern Wesleyan boasted 46 rebounds.  They were led by Noelle van Zadelhoff with eight rebounds.  Van Zadelhoff was followed by Aneysa Williams with seven and Kasey Howard and Tatiyana Mahone with six each.  Shawndre' Young had two of the six steals for the Warriors.  Two Warriors posted blocks in the victory.


Game Vitals

Final: Southern Wesleyan 84, North Greenville 77

Records: Southern Wesleyan (4-9 / CC 3-4), North Greenville (3-11 / CC 2-5)


Coach Davis says…

"Really proud of the team's resolve tonight.  Big win on the road.  We must continue to find purpose in what we do, be confident and believe.  We must move forward and prepare for a good Mount Olive team."


How It Happened

Southern Wesleyan charged forward on a fast break three point shot by Jessica Sparks to give the Warriors a 3-0 lead.  The Crusaders countered with a two point shot by Elizabeth Trentham to come to 3-2 behind the Warriors.  Breanna Richardson charged down the court scoring a three point shot and layup to allow the Warriors to take a 10-2 lead over North Greenville.  The Crusaders countered with shots by Karen Donehew and Tyana Saunders to come to four points behind the Warriors and make the score 15-11.

North Greenville started the second quarter with a jump shot by Bailey Breazeale to come to 13-17 behind Southern Wesleyan.  With five minutes left in the second quarter, Natalie Aerett made a jump shot to give the Crusaders a 19-18 point lead over the Warriors.  However, free throw shots by Aneysa Williams allowed the Warriors to regain a 20-19 point lead.  Jessica Sparks sunk a three point shot to lengthen Southern Wesleyan's lead to 23-19.  A layup by senior Tatiyana Mahone allowed the Warriors lead to 27-19, but the Crusaders countered with a jump shot by Donehew to come to 27-21 behind Southern Wesleyan.  The Warriors led 28-27 at the half.

The Warriors kicked off the second half with a layup by Jessica Sparks to take a 30-27 point advantage.  The Crusaders countered to tie the game 31-31 on a jump shot by Ayano Shelton.  North Greenville pushed on to take a 34-31 point lead, but a jump shot by Sparks allowed the Warriors to cut their lead to one point.  Shots by Tiana Sherman and Sparks allowed the Warriors to come to 37-38 behind the Crusaders.  North Greenville pushed on to take a 49-39 point lead.

North Greenville attacked first in the fourth quarter, however the Warriors countered on a jump shot by Aneysa Williams to 43-55 behind the Crusaders.  Free throws by Williams allowed the Warriors to come within ten points of the Crusaders.  A jump shot and layup by Tatiyana Mahone allowed the Warriors to shorten the distance and bring the score to 59-54.  Southern Wesleyan's Tiana Sherman and Jessica Sparks made free throw shots with three minutes left to play to put the Warriors down 59-61 to the Crusaders.  A vital pass from Tatiyana Mahone to Tiana Sherman allowed Sherman to sink a jump shot to tie the game 61-61.  The Crusaders pulled ahead, but the Warriors countered with free shots by Shawndre' Young to put Southern Wesleyan down 63-64.  Young then proceeded to sink a jump shot to give Southern Wesleyan a 65-64 point advantage with a little over a minute remaining in the final quarter.  However, with seconds left, the Crusaders made a three point shot to give them a 67-65 victory over Southern Wesleyan.

The overtime began with the Warriors taking a 69-67 point lead.  A fast break by Jessica Sparks allowed the Warriors to lengthen their lead to 71-67 with a little over two minutes remaining in overtime.  North Greenville made two free throws, but a layup by Tatiyana Mahone allowed the Warriors to keep a 73-71 point lead.  Free throws by Aneysa Williams pushed the Warriors lead to 84-77 to win the game.


What's Next

Southern Wesleyan will return home on January 13 to take on the University of Mount Olive Trojans at 2 p.m.  They will remain at home to take on the Barton Bulldogs on January 15 and Belmont Abbey Crusaders on January 20.