Warriors Fall To Trojans

Photo by John Bolton Photography
Photo by John Bolton Photography

Mount Olive, NC – Southern Wesleyan fell to the University of Mount Olive Trojans in a 79-56 final on Tuesday evening.

The Warriors shot 41.8% from the field in the loss and went 50% at the free throw line.  Jessica Sparks led the team with 17 points.  Sparks was followed by Breanna Richardson with 12 points.  Four Warriors had two assists in the loss. 

Southern Wesleyan posted 40 rebounds in the loss, with Jessica Sparks leading the team with 11 to give her a double-double for the day.  Four Warriors had a steal, and Tatiyana Mahone led the team with three blocks.


Game Vitals

Final: Mount Olive 79, Southern Wesleyan 56

Records: Southern Wesleyan (5-11 / CC 4-6), Mount Olive (7-11 / CC 5-5)


How It Happened

The University of Mount Olive jumped out early to take a 4-0 lead on shots by Ni'Ya Styles and Felecity Havens.  A three point shot by Jessica Sparks allowed the Warriors to finally get on the board and come to 7-3 behind the Trojans.  A second shot by Sparks put the Warriors down two with a little over seven minutes remaining in the first quarter.  Free throws by Aneysa Williams allowed the Warriors to tie the game 7-7.  Mount Olive pushed on to take a 13-9 point lead on a layup by Kennedi Jones.  Shots by Sparks and Breanna Richardson allowed to Warriors to come to 13-19 behind the Trojans.

The Trojans attacked first in the second quarter to take a 22-13 point lead.  However, a jump shot by Noelle van Zadelhoff allowed the Warriors to come to within ten points of the Trojans.  Shawndre' Young put up a layup allowed the Warriors to cut Mount Olive's lead to seven points and make the score 27-20.  Mount Olive pushed on, but a three point shot and jump shot by Jessica Sparks put Southern Wesleyan down 25-35.  However, a three point shot by Ni'Ya Styles allowed Mount Olive to lead 38-25 at half time.

Southern Wesleyan attacked first in the start of the second half on a jump shot by Jessica Sparks to come to 27-38 behind Mount Olive.  Breanna Richardson sunk a jump shot and a layup to keep Southern Wesleyan within twelve points of Mount Olive and make the score 33-43.  Mount Olive countered on a layup by Felecity Havens to point the Trojans a 45-33 lead, but Breanna Richardson countered with layup to put the Warriors down 35-45.  A layup by Aneysa Williams put the Warriors down 37-49, but the Trojans countered with shots by Ni'Ya Styles to give Mount Olive a 54-37 point lead.  A layup by Felecity Havens gave the Trojans a 20 point lead.  A jump shot by Kallie Hall put the Warriors down 40-60 to Mount Olive with under a minute remaining.  A layup by Aneysa Williams down 42-63 at the end of the third quarter.

The Trojans attacked first to give Mount Olive a 24 point lead.  Southern Wesleyan countered on a three point shot by Jessica Sparks to put the Warriors down 45-66.  The Warriors would not go down without a fight as Breanna Richardson put up a layup to put Southern Wesleyan down 21 points to Mount Olive.  Mount Olive pushed their lead forward, but a layup by Tatiyana Mahone allowed Southern Wesleyan to come to 54-76 behind.  Mount Olive would win the game 79-56.


What's Next

Southern Wesleyan will next travel to Converse to take on the Valkyries on January 26 at 5 p.m.  They will remain on the road on January 27 as they take on the Limestone Saints at 5:30 p.m.