Southern Wesleyan Drops Game To Queens

Photo by John Bolton Photography
Photo by John Bolton Photography

Charlotte, NC – Southern Wesleyan fell to the Queens Royals in an 81-62 final on Wednesday evening.

Southern Wesleyan posted a 41.8% field goal percentage in the loss to Queens.  Tiana Sherman led the team with 12 points.  Sherman was followed by Breanna Richardson and Emily Waters with 10 points each.  The Warriors posted 36 rebounds with Lisana Burnett leading the team with nine.  Iva Krstevska recorded three assists in the loss.  Krstevska and Burnett posted two steals each to lead the team.  The lone block of the game came off the hands of Lonesha Lee.


Game Vitals

Final: Queens 81, Southern Wesleyan 62

Records: Southern Wesleyan (1-2) Queens (2-0)


Coach Davis says...

"Turnovers and offensive rebounds were the achilles heel for us tonight.  We gave them 23 more shots from those two areas and it is hard to be successful when that happens."


How It Happened

Southern Wesleyan broke out early as Breanna Richardson put up a layup to give the Warriors on top 2-0.  Queens countered with a layup by Kristian Eanes, but back-to-back jump shots by Richardson allowed Southern Wesleyan to take a 6-2 lead over the Royals.  Eanes stole the ball away from Southern Wesleyan to tie the game 8-8.  The Royals took a 10-8 point lead on a layup by Tia McMillian.  The Warriors tied it back up as Iva Krstevska passed the ball up to Lisana Burnett to tie the game 10-10.  Jump shots by Denisha Hall and Krstevska allowed the Warriors to come within two of the Royals.

The Queens Royals extended their lead to a 20-16 point lead on a layup by Jaymi Golden, but Southern Wesleyan countered with shots by Lonesha Lee and Emilly Waters to tie the game 20-20.  The Warriors continued to pressure the royals as Lisana Burnett broke away from the pack and passed the ball up to Denisha Hall to make the layup and give the Warriors a 26-25 point lead.  Queens pulled ahead to take a 30-26 point lead on a layup by Jaleah Goff.  Breanna Richardson made back-to-back layups to put Southern Wesleyan down 30-31.  The Warriors continued to pressure the Royals as Jessica Sparks sunk a three point shot to make the score 33-35.  The Royals led 40-33 at the half.

Southern Wesleyan kicked off the third quarter with a layup by Tiana Sherman to put them down 35-40.  Queens continued to pressure the Warriors as they took an 11-point lead on a layup by Lade Adepoju to put them on top 46-35.  Sherman sunk another jump shot to put the Warriors down 37-46.  Free throws by Iva Krstevska allowed the Warriors to come to 40-48 behind the Royals, however Queens lengthened to a ten point lead on a layup by Lauren Fields.  Back-to-back layups by Emily Waters allowed the Warriors to come within seven of the Royals.

The Warriors struck first in the fourth and final quarter as Lisana Burnett made a layup to put Southern Wesleyan down 49-60.  Queens countered to take a 66-49 point lead over the Warriors.  Despite being down twenty points, the Warriors continued to pressure as Denisha Hall put up a layup to put them down 52-70.  Shots by KatyBeth Rentz and Tiana Sherman allowed to Warriors to come to 56-72 behind the Royals, but Queens countered with a basket by Madison Sexton to make the score 56-74.  Despite baskets by Tiana Sherman and Denisha Hall, the Warriors fell in an 81-62 final.


What's Next

Southern Wesleyan will next compete in the Converse Classic on November 16 and 17.  The Warriors will take on Piedmont International on November 16 at 4 p.m. and then Regent on November 17 at 1 p.m.  They will then host their home opener on November 20 as they take on the Coker Cobras at 5:30 p.m.