Southern Wesleyan Takes on Wofford in Exhibition Play

Photo by John Bolton Photography
Photo by John Bolton Photography

Spartanburg, SC – Southern Wesleyan fell in exhibition play to the Wofford Terriers on Thursday afternoon in a 110-47 final score.

The Warriors shot 30% from the field in the loss to the Terriers.  Breanna Richardson led the team with 11 points in the loss, with Iva Krstevska following with 10 points.  The Warriors posted 22 rebounds with Tanayja Williams leading the team with four.  Emily Waters and Lisana Burnett each had three assists and Krstevska led the team with two steals.  Waters and Burnett had the lone blocks in the loss.


Game Vitals

Final: Wofford 110, Southern Wesleyan 47


How It Happened

Southern Wesleyan kicked off the game with a layup by Iva Krstevska, but the Terriers quickly countered with a jump shot by Cairo Booker to tie the game at two.  Wofford pushed ahead taking an 8-2 point advantage over the Warriors on layups by Alexis Tomlin and Jamari McDavid.  Baskets by Jessica Sparks and Breanna Richardson put the Warriors down 8-20.

Wofford continued to push ahead on free throws by Alexis Tomlin, but Southern Wesleyan countered with free throws by Tanayja Williams to put the Warrior down 10-42.  Despite being down 47-10, the Warriors continued to fight with a three point shot by Breanna Richardson.  Jump shots by Emily Waters and Lisana Burnett put the Warriors down 20-54 with just over two minutes left in the second quarter.

The Terriers continued to push ahead taking a forty point advantage on a layup by Jamari McDavid.  Wofford continued to push ahead with baskets by Niyah Lutz and Mary Martha Turner to take a 71-26 point lead.  Jump shots by Denisha Hall and Iva Krstevska allowed the Warriors to come to 32-77 behind the Terriers.

Breanna Richardson kicked off the fourth quarter with a three point shot to put the Warriors down fifty to the Terriers.  Wofford continued to push their lead further ahead, breaking triple digits on a layup by Niyah Lutz to give them a 101-45 advantage.  Meredith Ray and Tanayja Williams made jump shots for the Warriors, but Wofford won the game in a 110-47 final.


What's Next

Southern Wesleyan will resume regular season play as they return to Historic Tysinger Gymnasium on January 5 against the Barton Bulldogs at 2 p.m.  They will then host the Limestone Saints on January 8 at 5:30.